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A parent and small business owner, Peter Kuo understands students’ demand to perform in a highly competitive global workforce. Valley-Mission Community College community of schools gives all students the platform to spring into higher education and succeed in a career or four-year college. Vote for someone who genuinely cares about our student’s education, vote Peter Kuo!
2 Civic Center Drive, #4338
San Rafael, CA 94913

Paid for by Peter Kuo for Valley-Mission Community College Trustee

Born in Taiwan, Peter’s parents immigrated to the United States seeking better educational opportunities for their children. They found it here in Silicon Valley.

After attending Abraham Lincoln High School, Peter graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management with a minor in Business Management.

Following graduation from College, Peter started an insurance business, looking to serve his local community’s needs. In 2015, Peter took his experience running a small business and founded DCLC International Group, a business consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs bring products to market.

Peter is currently the Managing Director of the Venture Capital Roundtable, where members can collaborate with other venture capitalists while hearing from up-and-coming innovators.

A Rotary International member, Peter served as President of the Silicon Valley Chapter from 2016 to 2017. He is also a National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisor-Silicon Valley Chapter Member and served as its President from 2009 to 2010.

Peter and his wife Vera call Santa Clara home, where they raised their three kids, who are all currently attending college or working on postgraduate studies.

Preparing Students to compete locally
The center of the tech industry, we need to ensure our local students have the skills and education to work in Silicon Valley if they desire. Providing students with foundational skills in health, science, and technology are essential for West Valley-Mission students to compete locally.

Paving the way for educational opportunities for all
Providing more diverse higher education options, while closing opportunity gaps, is vital to ensure all who want an education can get one. With current technology and more efficient practices, we can ensure students and potential students from all walks of life will receive the desired education.

Expand internship opportunities
As a small business owner and venture capitalist, I know the business community offers students a lot. Partnering with businesses and community leaders will allow our students to learn real-world experience from skilled professionals. This is also a chance for potential employers to assess interns and eventually hire them following an internship.

Provide fiscal accountability
With California facing mounting budget deficits, we must spend taxpayer dollars wisely. We must prioritize effective programs while finding ways to make West Valley-Mission more efficient.